New Samsung Eco Bubble Washing Machine.

The New Samsung Eco Bubble washing machine is now available in our store.
Uses only 30% of energy, Bubbles do the rest!

Because the bubbles penetrate the fabric so quickly, wash temperatures can be reduced without compromising on cleaning results.  The Super Eco Wash programme operates at just 15°C and uses only 30% of the energy of a normal 40°C wash cycle with better wash results.

Eco Bubble Technology also delivers advanced fabric care, with gentle washing protecting the most delicate of items. As less mechanical action is required there is less wear and tear on clothes. Plus, the innovative Diamond Drum with smaller holes prevents snagging of fabrics while the diamond shapes cushion clothes so they last longer.

All Ecobubble™ washing machines are incredibly quiet operating at just 62dB during washing cycles. But Ecobubble™ VRT™ washing machines employ Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT™) with special sensors to keep the drum perfectly balanced, even at high speeds, meaning that they operate at just 52dB.

The smart easy-to-view LCD Colour Display shows the energy and water consumption of each programme allowing you to make the most informed decision. (Only on WF1124XAC)

Samsung’s double ceramic coated heater protects itself from the build-up of water scale deposit, which makes the heater last up to ten years.
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  1. Cheers for this, there is now a wider range of the Samsung Eco Bubble washing machines. Apparently a household spends on average £30 annually on washing machine energy, this can now be reduced to around £9!

  2. I think the Samsung Eco Bubble technology is break through in washing machine energy saving innovations, the energy savings that the washing machine range can offer are amazing. Based on a an average houshold the average energy consumption for a washing machine can be £30 per year, with the eco bubble the average consumption can be as low as £9 thats quite a saving! Not only are you saving money but you are also helping to reduce power consumption and in return benefit the environment. I read a good review of the Samsung Eco Bubble here.

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  4. Washing machine failure when located on the first floor, or primary grounds of living, has a result of 28% more loss due to damage as compared to if the machine were located on the 2nd floor or in the basement (IIBHS).

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